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Starite Plm150 Body Oring

Starite Plm150 Body Oring

Starite Plm150 Body Oring

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Pre March 1997 Pre March 1997 270010060S
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Limited Time Sale: $24.76 

Waterway Clearwater Inline Feeder Parts
Waterway Clearwater Inline Feeder Parts
Model CCF012

Starite Dyna-Glas Dyna-Max Replacement Swimming Pool Pump Parts
Starite Dyna-Glas Dyna-Max Pump Parts


Part Notes:

*1: Models with "LS" suffix use 2 only.
*2: Replaces U109-358SS (effective 6/00)

Replacement Sta-Rite Part by Manufacturer Number 08650-0022
086500022 - **Swimquip U-3 Skimmer Weir


Weir fits various Sta-rite/Swimquip U-3 skimmers
Length: 8-1/2"
Width: 5-1/8"
Attaches to skimmer with a plastic hinge
Hinge is 8-1/4" long x 13/16" wide
5 holes in hinge arranged in 2 rows
1st row - 2 holes each is 1-3/4" from end with 4-3/8" space between them
2nd row - 3 holes outside holes are 9/16" from ends with 3-5/16" between the holes
Thickness: 3/8"
Weir body
Weir hinge
Weir body is marked "8650-4"
Weir hinge is marked "8650-8"