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Leakmaster Flexible Sealer

Leakmaster Flexible Sealer

Leakmaster Flexible Sealer

Nitrile rubber-based sealant provides a strong adhesive bond to most any material found around the swimming pool...even vinyl. Squeeze from the tube directly onto the material to be sealed. Flexible Sealer will skin over in seconds allowing it to be flattened with a wet finger. Cures and remains flexible in minutes to hours depending on application thickness.

•Seal vinyl leaks with or without a patch
•Seal between liner and face plates or fittings
•Use as thread sealant or seal small suction side plumbing leaks
•Seal small cracks in gunite or plaster
•Can be applied underwater
•Available in blue and white

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Leakmaster Flexible Sealer Tube of Flexible Sealer - Blue matches most liners ANDFS4B
Price: $10.17 

Leakmaster Flexible Sealer Tube of Flexible Sealer - White ANDFS4W
Price: $10.17 

Leakmaster Butyl Tape Bt15

Hand-moldable rubber gap filler can be applied underwater without messy caulk guns or mixing. Retains a flexible, tacky consistency making it well suited for a variety of permanent or temporary leak-stopping applications.

•Pack around light cable to seal or prevent leaking light conduit (removable)
•Replace rubber gaskets with or without out removing fitting
•Fill/seal cracks, gaps or voids
•Hold in place with a cast of Quick Set Epoxy for pipe repairs

Leakmaster Pre-Filled Dye Tester DT601
Leakmaster Pre-Filled Dye Tester

These convenient syringe-style testers are charged with a special concentrated dye that holds together underwater. Six-inch plastic "needle" allows for precise dye placement without creating unwanted currents.

•Identify the precise location of structural pool leaks
•Identify water movement into or out of pipes
•Can be refilled with Leakmaster Dye (available in 8 oz bottles)
•Available in blue (for light backgrounds) or fluorescent yellow (for dark backgrounds)

Cord Stopper
Cord Stopper
Cord Stoppers are molded rubber made to fit tightly around light niche power cords to eliminate leaks  through the light niche.
product is made to eliminate water leaks at the pool light; slide on power cord and push into conduit