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B854 - 1 1 2Hp Sq. Flange Centurion

B854 - 1 1 2Hp Sq. Flange Centurion

B854 - 1 1 2Hp Sq. Flange Centurion


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Replacement Motor Replacement Motor B2854
Price: $210.99 

Pac Fab Challenger Hi Pressure Pump Parts
Pac Fab Challenger Hi Pressure Pump Parts
Product Footnotes (key number follows part descriptions)

1: Used on 2F, 2-1/2A pumps built after 10-1-92.
2: Used on 2F, 2-1/2A pumps built prior to 10-1-92. Must replace w/both diffuser 355545 & impeller 355604.
3: Pump base, (item 11) includes dual radius motor support adapter (item 11B), which fits both 5-5/8 in. & 6-1/2 in. dia. motors.
4: Item 11A motor support is a replacement part that fits only older style pump bases with rectangular opening.
5: Carriage bolt (item 18) fits prev. style clamp band assembly (item 7).

Note: Challenger booster pumps consist of items 1-20. Note: Challenger pool pumps consist of all items except item 15

# - Not Shown

** Please Note **

Replacement motors may or may not come with the shaft internally threaded as the original OEM motor.  It is not a requirement for replacement motors.  Replacement motors are copies of OEM designs and the tapped hole exists only because OEM customer requested it.  Since certain replacement motors have been released having this feature, some customers have come to expect it assuming that the threads are necessary or there will be a problem with the impeller coming off.  This is not a correct assumption.  AO Smith has built replacement motors without the threaded holes for over thirty years and is not aware of any case where the impeller has spun off.  If the lack of a threaded hole remains a concern, they suggest using Loc-tite or a similar product to alleviate the concern.

Backplate Kit R0445200 Opt 5020-140
Backplate Kit R0445200 Opt 5020-140
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