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A. O. Smith V-Green Variable Speed Pump Motor With Timer

A. O. Smith V-Green® variable speed pump motor with timer

A. O. Smith V-Green® variable speed pump motor with timer

Versatility and performance best describe A. O. Smith’s new V-Green® variable speed pump motor with integrated timer. Capable of delivering superior energy savings of over 80% versus a standard single-speed motor, V-Green motors are well suited for pump applications ranging from 3/4 - 2.7 total horsepower (THP). Spurred by consumer interest in energy-saving products and government-mandated efficiency standards, the innovative V-Green variable speed ECM offers premium efficiency boosted by such features as Power Factor Correction, which raises overall efficiency while reducing input amps! The state-of-art user interface ensures programming ease and flexibility, with on-screen navigation, ergonomic selector switch, and pre-set programs for out-of-the-box operation. A. O. Smith’s V-Green is Title 20** compliant and with three user-defined variable speeds is a superb choice for reducing energy consumption, for lowering overall pool ownership costs, and for satisfying regulatory requirements.
**California’s Title 20 legislation states that pumps > 1HP (total) must be 2-speed or variable speed, and must have a control to default to low speed (i.e. timer)

• Integrated Timer Interface • Noise Reduction Design • TEFC
• On- and Off-Board Mountable Interface • Adjustable Contrast • Rotation: CCWPE
• Timer Mode • Power Factor Correction • Single Phase
• Manual Mode • Factory Reset • 303 Stainless Steel Shaft
• Freeze Protection • Battery Backup - Program Saver • Class F Insulation
• Auxiliary Load Capacity • LCD Display with Backlight • 50˚C Ambient
• Configurable Prime Settings • Ball Bearing • UV and Rain-Proof Enclosure

Features Benefits
• Innovative user interface with step-by-step •  Set-up and programming ease - preset program
on-screen navigation and ergonomic selector •  Ease of installation, with no additional wiring required
• On - or off-board versatility •  Display can be mounted on - or off-board, facing the pump or
facing the lead end
• Power factor correction •  Lower power consumption
•  Design reliability
•  Lower internal peak currents; Input current reduced from 16A
to 10A, efficiency increased from 82%+ to 95%+
• Adjustable freeze protection •  Ability to set a temperature at which the pump will automatic-
ally turn on to protect the system from freezing
• Auxiliary load circuit with configurable •  Ability to install and program an extra load (i.e. salt, chlorine
run time generator, booster pump, etc.)
• Motor designed to reduce noise emissions •  Meets FCC Part 15, Class B for quieter run time
• UV and rain proof enclosure •  Other aftermarket timers require a secondary enclosure for out
door use
• Real time clock with 5-year battery back up •  No need to replace battery or reset time/settings during a
power outage or following an off-season shut down
• Integrated LCD backlight and adjustable •  Ensures the display can be viewed easily in dark, shady, or
contrast direct sunlight conditions
• Manual high and low overrides •  User can instantly change motor parameters for cleaning or
maintenance without adjusting programmed settings

AO Smith V-Green User Manual

AO Smith V-Green Quick Start Guide

AO Smith V-Green Brochure

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A. O. Smith V-Green® variable speed pump motor with timer C-Face 3/4 - 2.7thp 3450/600rpm 230v 1.0sf 10.5/0.5 full load amps
PPOL Price: $773.52
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A. O. Smith V-Green® variable speed pump motor with timer Square Flange 3/4 - 2.7thp 3450/600rpm 230v 1.0sf 10.5/0.5 full load amps
PPOL Price: $773.52
Flash Sale
Ends Soon: $734.84