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Pool & Spa Pumps

The pump is the heart of the pool circulation system, pulling water from the pool through strainers and pushing it through a filter and back again to the pool. If the pump ain't working - ain't nothing working, so shopping for a new pump can be an urgent matter! That is why all of our pool pumps come with Free Shipping, and most pumps ship the same day they are ordered, excluding weekends and holidays.

The quickest no-fuss pump replacement is made with the exact same Make and Model pump as you currently have. The distances for the plumbing and wiring connections will line up without modification, and the flow characteristics are known. Do Not increase the horsepower, or buy a larger pump, unless you are sure that your pool filter Design Flow Rate, and the plumbing size and resistance can handle an increase in water flow, vacuum and pressure. Also know that two different Make or Model pool pumps of the same horsepower, can produce vastly different flow rates, depending on their hydraulic design.

If you do want to change the Make, Model or Horsepower with your new pool pump purchase, please email us with complete information on your entire pool equipment system, and your pool size, in gallons, and we can help you select the best pump for your particular set-up, or verify that a different pump of your choice, will work properly.

Find your replacement pump Make and Model in our semi-alphabetized list below. We carry replacement pool & spa pumps by Aqua-Flo, Balboa, Hayward, Jandy, Pentair, Polaris, Sta-Rite, Vico and Waterway. We also carry replacement pump motors, pump o-ring and seal kits, bearings and capacitors for repairs to pool and spa pumps.

Hayward Power Flo II Pool Pump SP1775 3/4HP 115 VOLT
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