$5 FLAT RATE SHIPPING on all orders!
$5 FLAT RATE SHIPPING on all orders!

Solar Pool Covers & Solar Pool Heaters

Premium grade solar blankets for swimming pools. Available in round, rectangle and oval shapes, and in 8 mil, 12 mil and 16 mil thicknesses. We have a solar cover for every pool! Pool solar covers (also called pool solar blankets) transfer heat energy from the sun to warm the water as much as 10-15 degrees, and they also slow the rate of evaporation, reducing the loss of water and heat from the surface of the pool. If you're looking for more heat output, solar pool heaters are an inexpensive and eco-friendly alternative to standard pool heaters. Using a solar blanket, a solar heater, or combining the two can extend your pool season and keep the water warmer and more comfortable for swimming.




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