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Taylor FAS-DPD Test Kit K2006 Complete

                    Taylor FAS-DPD Test Kit K2006 Complete

Taylor complete FAS-DPD test kit for pools and spas, Taylor K-2006. The K2006 test kit uses FAS-DPD for the most accurate and precise chlorine readings, using titration rather than color matching. Just count the number of drops until a clear color change is realized (just like Alkalinity and Calcium tests), and you can test chlorine to the 0.1 tenths. Great for public or club pools, or for those using supplemental sanitizers (ozone, minerals, uv), and want to accurately maintain a low and precise 0.5 ppm chlorine level.

Taylor K-2006 Test Kit (FAS DPD test kit) measures:
  • Total Chlorine and Bromine
  • Free Chlorine and Bromine
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Calcium Hardness
  • Cyanuric Acid
  • pH with Base Demand, Acid Demand reagents

K-2006 Includes Box, 3/4 oz. Reagents, Testing Comparator, Water Chemistry Chart Booklet and Water Balance calculator wheel. Also available as K-2006C, with 2 oz. reagents.

Replacement Pool Part for K-2006
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