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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100!

Pool Filter Sand

                    Pool Filter Sand

AquaQuartz Pool Filter Sand, 50 lbs., is replacement pool filter sand of the highest quality. #20 Silica sand graded to .45 mm in size, AquaQuartz Premium Filter Sand Media is washed and filtered, making it the purest filter sand available in today’s market. AquaQuartz is odorless, enviro-friendly, and will not solidify and clog your filter. It is simply the highest standard of premium filter sand you can buy for any sand filter.

Filter sand for $30 bucks a bag? Yeah, but all orders over $100 ship for Free at PPOL, including ('oof!) filter sand. Go ahead and order 4-5 bags, we'll have the 'man in brown' drop it at your doorstep, or in the garage.

Replacing Pool Filter Sand:
  1. Remove drain and allow to drain completely for 12 hours
  2. Remove top mounted valve or dome for access to tank
  3. Cover standpipe (top mount) or push diffuser to the side (side mount)
  4. Scoop out sand using a large 32 oz. plastic cup (wear long sleeves and gloves)
  5. Be careful when you reach the laterals, they can break easily when brittle. You can leave the remaining sand under the laterals
  6. Replace drain plug and fill tank halfway with water
  7. Cover standpipe and position it in the center (top mount)
  8. Set 50 lb bag of filter sand on the top of the tank, and slice it open from the bottom of the bag, to release sand into tank (wear a mask)
  9. Fill tank with recommended amount of sand, and replace valve or dome (use lube).
  10. Start up filter with multiport on Rinse, to wash out sand dust for 30 seconds.
50 pound bag replacement filter sand
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