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Aquabot Classic Platinum Robotic Pool Cleaner

                    Aquabot Classic Platinum Robotic Pool Cleaner
Aquabot Classic Platinum cleaners offer 3 distinct advantages over the regular Aquabot Classic robotic pool cleaners. Platinum cleaners have Dual Super Grip PVC Brushes, which are more durable, provide better traction and scrub the pool more effectively. Secondly, Platinum cleaners come with two filter types, a fine mesh EZ Clean basket, or the traditional 2 micron Aquabot fabric debris bag. Third, the Platinum cleaner includes the new no-tangle cord swivels to prevent tangling of the floating power cord, a power cord that is 10' longer than the Aquabot Classic cord. 

Aquabot Classic Platinum cleaners draw from the heritage and legacy of 40 years of manufacturing experience by Aqua Products, and includes the Patented AquaSmart navigation system, and the most advanced plastics that can withstand water and weather better than ever. Aquabot Platinum cleaners operated on 115V, and the pool-side power supply box transforms the power down to a safe low voltage for operating the cleaner motors. No Installation, every Aquabot robotic pool cleaner is ready to go, right out of the box to be fully Plug 'n Play.

• Works in all pool Shapes and for all surface Types
• Scrubs and Vacuums and Filters pool water
• Cleans Pool Floor, Walls, Cove and Waterline
• Aquabot Filter Bag and New Filter Basket included
• 60 ft. Floating Cord with New No-tangle Swivels
• Compatible with external Timers for overnight Start Delay
• 1hr, 1.5hr, 2hr Cleaning Cycles, Timer or Continuous Run
• 24 month Warranty 
Aquabot Classic Platinum Cleaner
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