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002003F - Raypak Pilot Burner Assembly

                    002003F - Raypak Pilot Burner Assembly

Raypak Pilot Burner Assembly, 002003F (replaces RAY1513523) is a Natural Gas -and- Propane Gas Pilot Assembly with interchangeable orifices for each gas type. The LPG propane pilot orifice is smaller, and marked with a red paint dot.

Raypak electronic Pilot assembly 002003F is used on electronic natural gas and propane heaters, made from 1984-2003. Fits all electronic series Spa Pak, Gemini, Versa and RP2100, models 53A/B, 55A/B, 105A/B, 151, 153, 153A, 155A/B/C, 181-401, 183-403, 183A-403A & 185A-405A.

Includes Pilot, Igniter and blue cable, with rubber sleeve. Raypak Pilot Kit Does Not include Raypak Pilot Tubing, 004078F, sold separately.

Replacement Raypak 002003F Part
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