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Fiberstars Automation Remote Pool Control WPC2 System

                    Fiberstars Automation Remote Pool Control WPC2 System

Fiberstars WPC-2 pool controller offers all the great features of the WPC-1 but includes a 100 amp sub-panel, and a knockout for adding a second pump timer. Fiberstars Pool Controllers also automate your pool lights. Control your entire system with the handheld remote control, or use the manual override switches on the panel.

  • 3 position, 24 hour time clock with 4-15 minute increments per hour
  • Time clock rated for 1.5 HP – 120VAC, 3 HP – 240VAC
  • Each light circuit 10amp – 120VAC
  • Includes integrated dust cover
  • Manual override switches on circuit - On, Off, Auto
  • 75′ wireless operating range (Extension antenna also available)
  • 10′ of cord on movable antenna
  • Synch or non-synch your pool or patio lights
  • Direct light hookup to control box
  • GFCI knockout and additional GFCI knockout
  • Water resistant transmitter with wall cradle
  • 100-amp sub-panel with circuit breaker knockouts
  • 2nd Time Clock option (For use with pool cleaner booster pump)
  • WPC23XXX is a WPC2 with 2TC: For 2 speed pumps – 1st Time Clock for Low speed and 2nd Time Clock for High speed *30A max, 100A sub-panel, 2 wireless circuits for 120V light switching.

WPC with 2 Time Clocks For 2 speed pumps Limited Quantity
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