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Leakmaster Butyl Tape Bt15

                    Leakmaster Butyl Tape Bt15

Leakmaster Black Butyl Tape 15 ft., ANDFT15 from Anderson Leak Tools, is a hand-moldable rubber gap filler can be applied underwater without messy caulk guns or mixing. Butyl tape retains a flexible, tacky consistency making it well suited for a variety of permanent or temporary leak-stopping applications.

Leakmaster Black Butyl Tape Uses and Features:
  • Pack around light cable to seal or prevent leaking light conduit (removable)
  • Replace rubber gaskets with or without out removing fitting
  • Fill/seal cracks, gaps or voids in skimmers or returns, waterfalls and fountains
  • Pipe repairs will hold in place with a cast of Quick Set Epoxy
Leakmaster Butyl Tape 15Ft
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