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Leakmaster Pool Repair Putty

                    Leakmaster Pool Repair Putty

Anderson Leakmaster Pool Repair Putty, White, is a convenient and versatile epoxy repair compound that works underwater, curing in 20-60 minutes, depending on temperature. One stick format has resin and hardener in one stick, for perfect 50/50 blend every time. Plastic storage tube keeps your pool putty fresh, just slide the epoxy putty stick out, slice off an inch or two and seal it back up for next time. Also available in Quick Set Putty formula.

Anderson Leakmaster Pool Repair Putty can be used for patching leaks or cracks in pool skimmers and drains, small tile or grout repairs, pool slide surface repairs, pool plaster cracks, or repairs to most white goods around the pool. Dries hard and can be sanded or painted. Non-flexible epoxy sealant won't sag or run, remains stiff, and pliable. Use pool water to mix for 30 seconds, then apply to area, smoothing with your fingertips and water.

Leakmaster Pool Putty
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