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Pentair Rainbow Vac-Mate Complete, R211100

                    Pentair Rainbow Vac-Mate Complete, R211100

Pentair Rainbow Vac-Mate R211100, Complete - is for inground pools using a suction pool cleaner in the skimmer. It allows simultaneous skimming and vacuuming, or alternates between the two.

Pentair Vac-Mate fits the most popular inground pool skimmers, Fits American Admiral, Hayward SP1070, Pac-Fab Bermuda and SwimQuip (StaRite) U-3 Skimmers.

A multi-function vacuum/skimmer attachment. The addition of a Vac-Mate in most skimmers allows you to control a suction cleaner while maximizing surface skimming, all with one simple setting of the control handle.

  • Skims pool surface continuously while cleaner is operating
  • Traps debris in Vac-Mate basket before it reaches pump pot
  • Replaces most control mechanisms supplied with pool cleaners
  • Makes any suction type pool cleaner and wall skimmer fully automatic
Pentair Vac-Mate Skimmer Adapter
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