FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100+. Only $7.95 for standard shipping!
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100+. Only $7.95 for standard shipping!

Pool Filter Parts carries cartridge filter parts for Pentair, Pac Fab, Purex, American Products, Sta-Rite, Astral, Hayward, Jacuzzi, Jandy®, Waterway Plastics and others. From cartridges and tanks to orings and gaskets, we have them.
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Please Note when searching for your parts... they could be listed under a different manufacturer because many of the pool manufacturers have been consolidating over the years?
For example: Brands under the Pentair Name include: Pentair, Pac Fab, American Products, Purex, Sta-rite.

How often should a cartridge be cleaned?
The best answer is really to rely upon a properly working pressure gauge.  After installing a new or thoroughly cleaned cartridge, note the pressure gauge reading.  When the PSI value raises 10 psi or more, it is time to clean the cartridge.

How to clean a pool filter cartridge?
A standard garden hose and nozzle should be used.   Do not use a pressure washer.  For the best results and extended life of the filter, we suggest removing all of the heavy debris and dirt from the filter with a garden hose and nozzle.  Then, soak the cartridge with a filter cleaner/ degreaser for 5 minutes and rinse off.  (Plain water will not remove body oils and scale as this will)

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