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Swimming Pool Sand Filter Parts

Sand filter parts for Game, Pentair, Pac Fab, Purex, American Products, Sta-Rite, Astral, Hayward, Jacuzzi, Jandy®, Waterway Plastics and others. From laterals to  hubs and gaskets, you can find them here at

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Please Note when searching for your parts... they could be listed under a different manufacturer because many of the pool manufacturers have been consolidating over the years? For example: Brands under the Pentair Name include: Pentair, Pac Fab, American Products, Purex, Sta-rite.

When to change the sand in your filter? 

Filter sand can last 5, 10, 15 years.  It all depends on how hard it is working.  In the filter cycle, the pool water is filtering downward through the sand and the debris is getting filtered by the fine edges of the silica sand.  After time, the edges round off and this is when it needs to be replaced.  When backwashing, the water now pushes upward through the sand, sending all of the filtered debris out the waste line, thus cleaning the filter.  The last step, which should not be skipped, is the rinse cycle.  Although older filters did not have this, when rinsing the sand, the water sweeps off the top of the sand bed so that no unsettled debris returns into the pool body.

The filter should be cleaned when the pressure rating rises 10 psi above the clean operating pressure on your pressure gauge.  The length of backwash time will vary by how dirty the filter is.  Keep an eye on the water discharging and let it go from dirty to clear, that is how you will know each step has completed.  Keep in mind though, when backwashing, you are lowering the water level in your pool!
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