$5 FLAT RATE SHIPPING on all orders!
$5 FLAT RATE SHIPPING on all orders!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, where's the phone number?
The cost to maintain a call center may astound you. We would rather lower costs, and keep our prices low. Email is much more efficient. We do realize that some are reluctant to order pool products online when there is no phone number listed. Seems suspicious, or sketchy – we understand that. To alleviate any mistrust, we have over 7200 reviews on Customer Lobby, from verified customers. Our website poolpartsonline is a Google Trusted Store a status that requires customer-centric care to maintain. On top of that, we employ multiple layers of security on our site. Besides the SSL secure shopping cart, we utilize McAfee Secure (formerly Hacker-Safe) to perform intensive daily security tests of our site and servers.

What if there is a mistake in pricing?
PoolPartsOnLine.com is not responsible for items which are incorrectly priced on our website. If there is a major error in pricing, we will contact you prior to processing your order. At this time you will be able to authorize the correct price be charged to your supplied credit card, or cancel your order. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our web site pricing and information, but unfortunately mistakes are sometimes made. Thanks for your understanding.

What is the warranty on parts / products?
Please contact the manufacturer directly for up-to-date warranty information

How often should a cartridge be cleaned?
The best answer is really to rely upon a properly working pressure gauge. After installing a new or thoroughly cleaned cartridge, note the pressure gauge reading. When the PSI value raises 10 psi or more, it is time to clean the cartridge.

How to clean a pool filter cartridge?
A standard garden hose and nozzle should be used. Do not use a pressure washer. For the best results and extended life of the filter, we suggest removing all of the heavy debris and dirt from the filter with a garden hose and nozzle. Then, soak the cartridge with a filter cleaner/ degreaser for 5 minutes and rinse off. (Plain water will not remove body oils and scale as this will)

When to change the sand in your filter?
Filter sand can last 5, 10, 15 years. It all depends on how hard it is working. In the filter cycle, the pool water is filtering downward through the sand and the debris is getting filtered by the fine edges of the silica sand. After time, the edges round off and this is when it needs to be replaced. When backwashing, the water now pushes upward through the sand, sending all of the filtered debris out the waste line, thus cleaning the filter. The last step, which should not be skipped, is the rinse cycle. Although older filters did not have this, when rinsing the sand, the water sweeps off the top of the sand bed so that no unsettled debris returns into the pool body.

The filter should be cleaned when the pressure rating rises 10 psi above the clean operating pressure on your pressure gauge. The length of backwash time will vary by how dirty the filter is. Keep an eye on the water discharging and let it go from dirty to clear, that is how you will know each step has completed. Keep in mind though, when backwashing, you are lowering the water level in your pool!